Sasha's Favorite Quotes

These are Sasha's favorite quotes taken from Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia Volume III - P to Z, one of her favorite books.

If anyone has once possessed a Samoyed they will never be content with a dog of any other breed.

When seen for the first time one invariably hears the spontaneous appreciation of: "Oh, how beautiful!"

It is quite a common thing to see children stop a Samoyed in the street and hug it with the utmost confidence and without fear.

They have their likes and dislikes, their sense of humor, and their sense of duty; in fact, the Samoyed is as near human as any dog can be, and much nicer and more patient than the average human being.

Could anything be more beautiful or fascinating than a Samoyed puppy? Just like little teddy bears - so soft and woolly that they seem almost unreal.

It has often been described as "the fearless dog with the human brain".

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