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The Mona Sasha
Taking a Drink
Playing With Her Food
With Her Friend Fifo
Posing for the Camera
All Dressed Up and No Where To Go
Favorite Place to Sleep I
The Guardian I
After a Hard Day Chewing the Walls
After a Hard Day Playing Ball
Warming Up Before Going on a Walk
Couch Dancing
The Real Sasha
Favorite Place to Sleep II
The Guardian II
Catching Snow Flakes
With Her Blue Ribbon
Pillow Dancing
Ready for Trick or Treating
The Temptress
Sasha's Friend Fifo
Making Mud Pies
Mud Pie Aftermath
With Her Pet Turtle
How Much is that Doggie in the Window
Me Dreaming of the Future Sasha
Jacqueline Who is Terrified of Sasha
The Teeth
Favorite Place to Sleep III
Looks Like a Hard Pillow to Me
Belly Rubs
Her Favorite Lookout Spot
Always Plotting
I Like the Winter
After a Hard Day Shoveling Snow
The Tongue
Reaching for the Morning Paper
Don't Really Have a Title for This One
Oh Please, Please, Please...
Chiaroscuro Sasha
Stalking the Wild Cat
Bed Dancing
Favorite Place to Sleep IV
Favorite Place to Eat Treats
Favorite Indoor Lookout Post
New Stance for Eating Milkbones
Favorite Place to Sleep V
Its Nice to be Able to Lick Your Own Nose
Waiting for Bedtime Milkbone
Saying Grace
Favorite Thing to Do
Head Jamming
Favorite Place to Sleep VI
In Her Samfans T-Shirt
Attack of the Bloon Air Demons

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