Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

So she was considering in her own mind... (Added June 30, 1996)

On the very first page, Alice starts her adventure by "considering in her own mind." In this sequence, I zoom in on Arthur Rackham's frontispiece of Alice through the pupil of her eye to a detail of Alice B. Woodward's picture of Alice and her sister. (640x480, 900KB shockwave file)

The Lobster Quadrille

In chapter 10 of Alice's Adventures, Alice continues her encounter with the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon, who entertain her with the description and demonstration of a dance they call the "Lobster Quadrille." In my treatment, I use three illustrations, those of Gwynedd Hudson (actually a mirror image of the original), A. E. Jackson, and Maria Kirk. These illustrations are morphed, one to another, to give the characters the appearance of dancing.

Lobster quadrille large version (640x480, 1.4MB shockwave file)
Lobster quadrille small version (480x250, 910KB shockwave file)

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