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Within recent years I have become very interested in Smoking, Grilling and Barbecuing. These terms mean different things to different people. Regional claims as to what is considered true "Que" will cause arguments that will dwarf those resulting from claims as to what constitutes true Chili in Texas!

BBQ'd Pork Butt For quite a while now I have been subscribing to several different mailing lists that are devoted to BBQ. Even these lists differ in the types of BBQ being discussed, one is limited to Carolina style Q which is cooked directly over hardwood coals, another list might be comfortable cooking on a plutonium heated pit! From types of meat, to brine or not to brine, how to trim the ribs (Do you remove the membrane?), dry rub, wet mop or go nekkid? What type of fuel? Direct heat or offset? Is BBQ competition helping to popularize the pastime, or is it causing regional styles to dissapear? there are a lot of variables to consider here!

BBQ'd Pork Ribs All of the members on any of these lists will agree on one thing: Any method of making true BBQ will NOT include the words oven, boil, crockpot or Liquid Smoke! One sage Pitmaster summed it up best by stating:

"Boiling ribs is an excellent way to guarantee that the taste of your BBQ sauce is not marred with the flavor of pork..."

I hope to showcase the various incarnations of BBQ, and expect that this site will expand as more info and images are collected. BBQ is one part science, one part art, a touch of meditation and a bit of showmanship. So, step out on the porch, crack open your favorite beverage, check the fire, sit back and enjoy the aroma and anticipation... Let's Que!

All things Hot & Spicy!
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Some images of BBQ Related Events

Helping out the Smoke Ring BBQ Team at the 1st Liberty Bell BBQ!
(and last, actually. After Garry moved to Puerto Rico,
officials felt there was no longer a reason to continue...)
June 2003,
Philadelphia, Pa.

  • Annapolis Hotluck April 1996
  • My trip to Albuquerque for the 10th Annual Fiery Food Festival March 1998
  • My favorite waitress happens to work at Memphis Pig Out, my favorite BBQ place!
  • DC Area BBQ Fest June 1998
  • 5th Annual Remlik Steamed Crab, Silver Queen, and Q Feast August 1998
  • 5th Annual Bowers, Pa Chilefest September 1998
  • Mid Atlantic Hotluck 6 March 1999 with folks from the Chileheads Mailing List and a couple FoodWinos too...
  • 9th Semi-Annual Concord BBQ/Hotluck Featuring members of the Chileheads and BBQ Mailing Lists
  • Christening my new Smoker Smokin' up a hunk 'o Pig on my Weber Smokey Mountain. July 3, 1999
  • First Annual NJ Hotluck 24 July, 1999 - Featuring members of the Chileheads Mailing list.
  • 6th Annual Remlik Steamed Crab, Silver Queen, and Q Feast AKA the Oinkster Festival. July/August 1999
  • Bandana's 9th Annual Blues BBQ 8 August 1999. Sponsored by Bandanas Serious Pepper Products
  • Mini International Hotluck 15 Aug 1999
  • 6th Annual Bowers Chile Festival attended by several folks from the Chileheads Mailing List
  • Bringing the fire inside! Grating problems with the start of fireplace season, November 1999
  • Where would you expect to find some of the best BBQ in Oklahoma? Surely not at a Seafood Joint! July 2000... Damn that place is hot!
  • 3rd New Jersey Hotluck Hosted by Karen Stober, Warren, NJ - 21 Oct 2000. Was filmed for broadcast by TV Food Network.
  • Smoking at a rustic cabin in Parker Dam State Park in western Pa. October 2001
  • Bobolink Dairy Pig-BBQ & Potluck Vernon, NJ, September 21, 2003
  • Varmint's 1st Annual eGullet NC Pig Pickin' October 2003. Authentic North Carolina Whole Hog BBQ!

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    Speaking of Blues Hog...

    Blues Hog
    Glazed Chicken Drunsticks

    My favorite way of grilling chicken!

    Smoked Homemade Chipotle Garlic Sausage
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    A Listing of the Frequently Asked Questions of the BBQ Mailing List

    Everything you ever needed to know about BBQ

    Boil 'em up,
    throw 'em in a crockpot with
    Liquid Smoke and lots of BBQ Sauce!

    Speaking of Ribs...

    Jim Campbell

    Proprietor, and maker of
    "The Bread"

    Jim seems to have been
    popping up on Youtube
    Check out
    Backdraft Chili & Open Fields

    A large selection of Metal and Tile Fire Pits

    A Seafood Restaurant in Oklahoma?
    Sure, just make sure you set up a BBQ pit on the side!
    Clic Pic for larger view
    Fishermans Cove
    Lawton, Oklahoma
    Right off of Exit 109!

    Another Jersey boy done good!
    "Mean Green" is my favorite...

    Yet another Jersey guy!
    Must be something in the water...

    BBQ, Texas & Mexican Cooking
    Host of the SmokeRing BBQ Mailing List
    as well as proprietor of:

    Site dedicated to the Cadillac of Water Smokers
    the Weber Smokey Mountain!

    Fiery Foods Super Site

    From Dave DeWitt, Chile-head extrodinaire!
    Host of the annual
    Red Lion Chilehead Hotlucks!

    Danny Gauldens

    BBQ Glaze
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    Outdoor gas and charcoal grill selection including propane and natural gas grills and smokers
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    Glazed Ribs courtesy Sandra Aylor

    The debate begins...

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